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The Fortress Archives - 2010 Updates

[2010-Apr-01] Easter Non-Update (or is it ... ?)

It's come to my attention that there are rumors of an April 1 update here at the Fortress. Y'know ... like the one we did last year. Yeah, that was a good one ... but we've all had a busy year and haven't gotten around to Freedom Force stuff recently. So sorry... no update this time around. Happy Easter, though.... nothing to see .... don't click the eggs.

[2010-Aug-03] DevDiary #1 - A Little Background!

So what the heck am I developing anyway? Read it now!

[2010-Sep-03] DevDiary #2 - Fast and Furious!

Latest dev diary where a game actually starts to emerge! Read it now!

[2010-Sep-20] DevDiary #3 - Getting Somewhere!

Latest dev diary where I recall how the game basics are beginning to take shape in the first few weeks, but then it all stops! Read it now!

[2010-Sep-28] KennX's Dirty Dozen!

A cool (or dirty as Kenn prefers) dozen for y'all today! Enjoy on his page!

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